Horse-riding farm in Gödöllő

In the beautiful surroundings of a field of almost five hectares, Hilltop Riding Farm is a dynamically developed family venture. The aim is to create possibilities for all those who are fond of horses, riding, horse-sports, and who choose active relaxation. We have ponies with qualified trainers for children. We have reliable horses for beginner and upper-advanced riding training, and offer advanced riding and jumping training. Cross-country rides are available with guides, and riding tours with accommodations and guides.


... is an 80 x 80 m sanded field and a 500 m gallop field. There is a 1 000 nm indoor riding hall. Above the stable you will find a tea kitchen, sitting room, restroom, and comfortable heated changing rooms for men and women with shower rooms and lavatories. In the park there is a 120 nm, fully-equipped, converted wooden house for winter use that has 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, lavatory, bathroom and a 100 nm indoor terrace. There is a tennis court with training at beginner and advanced levels.


We have 30 boxes, with 10 having self-drinking troughs. Folds: suitable for raising on open-air, half-opened depot with self-drinking troughs. For the hygiene of the horses that are kept on the farm, and for the aim of the general tidiness, the Standomix Color Ltd. is using Organizone products. There are probioticums based on natural bacteria, which means 100% environmentally friendly products.


We have camps for children and adults (riding, sport, handicraft etc.), company programmes, family and sport days, and birthday parties with special services, such as: catering, Gödöllő cultural programmes, and joy-rides. (In co-operation with among others the employees of Decathlon.)

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